Tirupati IIT campus work will be completed by June 30- Union Minister Subhas Sarkar

Amaravati: Union Minister of State for Education Dr. Subhas Sarkar said that the IIT campus in Tirupati will be completed soon and handed over by June 30 this year. In the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, the minister gave a written reply to the question asked by ysrcp M.P Vijayasai Reddy that the construction work in Tirupati IIT campus should be completed by the end of April, but due to some reasons it will be completed by the end of June. He mentioned that for the financial year 2023-24, a total of Rs 9361 crore has been allocated to all the IITs in the country. He said that the management of IIT Tirupati has requested to allocate 407 crore rupees to them in this financial year. However, he said that the issue of how much amount to allocate to IIT Tirupati is still under the consideration of the ministry. The minister said that out of the Rs 9361 crore allocated to the IITs, it is meant for payment of staff salaries, pensions, scholarships, wages to contract staff, small equipment, library books, interest payments etc.

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