People know who developed Nellore City-Narayana

Nellore: Who developed the city? Former TDP minister and Nellore City MLA candidate Dr. Ponguru Narayana said that the people know very well who has not done it and the people will judge the matter in the form of votes on May 13. As part of the election campaign on Thursday, Narayan and his daughter Sindhura visited the 4th division of Nellore city. On this occasion, Narayana said that the people have faith that all the works in Nellore city will be completed only when the Telugu Desam government comes again. By bringing funds from the Central and State Governments, Nellore City was established as No. 1 will work hard to make it a smart city.. Similarly, they will provide good water for 365 days and create beautiful parks for children to play. Businessmen promised to take special measures to do business in a peaceful environment. confidently expressed that the Telugu Desam alliance will come to power in 2024 he said. he is said that the TDP will capture 10 of the 10 legislative assembly seats and two parliamentary seats in the combined Nellore district. Sindhura Ponguru wanted Narayana as MP and Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy as MP to win with an absolute majority. A large number of Telugu Desam Party leaders, workers and people of the division participated in this program.

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