Ramaswamy Naykar (Periyar) idols will be removed-Annamalai

In front of temples in Tamil Nadu…

Amaravati: Tamil Nadu BJP president Annamalai has made sensational comments that the idols of Ramaswamy Naikar (Periyar) in front of temples in Tamil Nadu will be removed. Annamalai, who arrived in Srirangam Patnam on Wednesday during the Namatti-Naprajalu (N Man,,N Makkal) Pathayatra, spoke at a rally organized there.
“Targeting the “Dravidian party (DMK) that came to power” was the first thing the BJP would do after coming to power in the state, he said. Instead of the statues of Periyar, statues of Alwars, Nayanars and freedom fighters will be erected. Also, after the opening of the Ayodhya Bhavya Rama Mandir, a free train will be arranged from Tamil Nadu to Ayodhya for 100 days for devotees to visit Lord Rama. (HR & CE) promised to abolish the Hindu Religious Charitable Endowment Department. He made it clear that the last day of this ministry will be the first day of the BJP government. Recalling an incident in 1967, Annamalai says, “When the DMK came to power, they installed plaques engraved with Periyar’s prophecies… The DMK party printed on the placards, “Those who follow Gods are fools, those who believe in Gods are deceived, so do not worship God”… Annamalai revealed that these plaques were installed in front of temples across Tamil Nadu. He said that the DMK party was suspicious of Hindu gods and that is why the Periyar idols will be removed as soon as the BJP comes to power.

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