Sri Sitaram’s Kalyan Mahotsava was celebrated in Bhadrachalam

Amaravathi: Abhijit Muhurtana Sri Sitaram Kalyan Mahotsav was held in full splendor in Bhadrachalam’s Mithila Precinct amid chanting of Vedic mantras by scholars and echoes of mangala vaidyalu. On Thursday morning, the priests of the temple opened the doors of the temple and conducted Suprabhataseva to the Lord. The Utsavamurti was brought to the Mithila premises in a vedhika amid the clamor of devotees, mangal vaidyalu and kolata nuthralu. During Abhijit Muhurtana, the priests placed a mixture of jeelakarra and bellam on the head of Sitaram as the Abhijit Lagna approaches, amidst the playing of mangal vaidyalu and Veda mantras. Janakamaharaju and Dasarathamaharaju made two mangalsutras along with Bhaktaramadasa’s mangalsutra for Sitamma and became Mangalyadharana with three sutras. During Mangaldharana, the devotees chant Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama, the entire premises of Mithila will be named Rama.

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