RBI has announced to withdraw 2000 rupee notes from the market

Amaravati: Those who have hidden black money, big politicians have stones in their hearts.. A decision has been taken to withdraw 2 thousand rupees notes from the market. RBI announced on Friday (19th) that there will be no printing of new 2000 notes, and the notes in the market should be exchanged in the banks. RBI has said that 2000 notes can be exchanged at RBI regional offices from May 23. It has been said that exchange of Rs 2000 notes is being provided in 19 RBI regional offices in the country. It is announced that this decision has come into effect immediately. With this strength, Rabi Hasa issued instructions to all banks across the country to immediately stop issuing notes. The note will be legally valid till September 30, 2023. If anyone already has the notes, they can exchange them at the banks by September 30. RBI has provided an opportunity to exchange notes worth Rs.20 thousand in each installment. It can be deposited in the account or can be exchanged with other notes. As part of the ‘Clean Note Policy’, the RBI has announced that it has decided to withdraw the Rs.2000 note from circulation.

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