South West Monsoon hits South Bay of Bengal

Amaravati: The two and half year “El Nino” season is ending, the Pacific Ocean has started to cool down as conditions are favorable for the “La Nino” season from the beginning of May. Meteorological Department has said that rains will be more than expected this year due to season. In this context, South West Monsoon has reached parts of Maldives, Comorin region, South Bay of Bengal, Nicobar Islands, and South Andaman Sea on Sunday, Meteorological officials said. If the weather conditions are favorable, there is a possibility that monsoon will reach Kerala by May 31. This is really good news for the farmers in Kharif season.

But according to Panchagam, Rohini Karathi starts on May 25th and ends on June 8th..Mrigashira Karathi starts. Can Rohini karathi, easily enter the rainy season without seeing the sun hot waves? many scientists have said,but the karathilu is fact ? Let’s see what will happen in the next 15 days?
Monsoon reached Kerala on 8th June 2023. They reached Kerala on 29th May in 2022, 3rd June in 2021, and 1st June in 2020.

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