Stop sand mining in Andhra Pradesh-NGT

Amaravati: The state government suffered a setback in the NGT.. The NGT decided to stop sand mining in Andhra Pradesh.. The NGT gave this verdict on a petition filed by Nagendra Kumar. Sand mining in 110 reaches of Andhra Pradesh should be completely stopped, and it has given a clear direction that sand mining should not be carried out until fresh environmental clearances are obtained. The NGT clarified that the orders given by the State Environmental Assessment Committee (SIA) to stop sand mining in 110 reaches should be implemented immediately.
In its judgment, the NGT also mentioned that the Supreme Court had also stopped sand mining and said that it should start only after taking fresh environmental clearances. The AP government has expressed its anger on the fact that the orders given by them in the past are not limited to the 18 reaches of the Araniyar River, and not only ignored the orders given by them but also perverted the judgment of the tribunal. The NGT has directed the AP government to submit a report on the sand mining that took place after the SIA stop order.The NGT orders said that JP Ventures should also submit a complete report on sand mining.

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