3rd phase of Varahi Vijayatra from 10th to 19th of this month in Visakhapatnam

Amaravati: Jana Sena Party Political Affairs Committee Chairman Nadendla Manohar said that the Varahi Vijaya Yatra organized in two phases in the joint East and West Godavari districts was successful, and the Yatra should be held in Visakhapatnam. Preparatory meeting with leaders of Visakhapatnam on the success of the Yatra Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan Varahi Vijayatra said that the next leg of the Yatra will start from Visakhapatnam city. Manohar held a preparatory meeting with the leaders of the joint Visakhapatnam district to make this trip a success.
Nadendla Manohar said in the meeting held at the party’s central office in Mangalagiri on Thursday, he asked the leaders, brave women and people’s soldiers to work together and take the purpose of Varahi Yatra to the people. As part of the Yatra, Janavani program will be held in Visakhapatnam, similarly Pawan Kalyan will conduct field level observations and meet with the concerned people to find out the problems.
Discussion in the meeting:- From 10th of this month, the third phase of Pawan Kalyan Varahi Vijaya Yatra will start in Visakhapatnam. On the same day, a meeting will be held from Varahi Vahanam in Visakhapatnam. This yatra will last till 19th. As part of this trip, there will be field level observations and observations related to land grabs taking place in Visakhapatnam. Pawan Kalyan will visit areas where the environment has been destroyed. Leaders were advised to be cautious in organizing the trip.

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