Superfast Ex Coromandel train has a major accident

Emergency Control Room Number 06782262286, Helpline 03322143526

Amaravati: Superfast Ex Coromandel train (12841) departing from Tamil Nadu met with a major accident.
Today (Friday) around 7 pm two trains collided on the same track due to signal failure in Balasore area of Odisha state. Coromandel Express train was heavily damaged in this accident.. The Coromandel train traveling at a speed of 100 km collided with the goods train, derailing all the coaches except the 3 sleeper coaches. According to preliminary information, seven bogies collided with each other and were heavily damaged. Six people have been officially declared dead in the accident. There are reports that 100 people have been injured. Railway officials have declared that the severity of the accident is high. As soon as the accident was known, the emergency departments of the railways reached the spot and took rescue measures. It seems that a large number of passengers were involved in this accident.. Coromandel Express goes from Chennai to Kolkata.. An accident took place near Balasore railway station in Odisha state.. Officials revealed that the death toll may increase.

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