The CM should announce that AP Genco will continue in the public sector

Nellore: AP Genco JAC, Conservation Committee Leaders Mohan Rao, Kotam Reddy, Srinivasula Reddy have demanded that Chief Minister Muthakuru is coming to Janco to start the third unit of Janco and then hand over all three units to Adani company. On Wednesday, the leaders protested at Muthukur gate center saying that the Chief Minister who is coming to start the 3rd unit of AP Genco on 27th of this month should go back. On this occasion, the leaders said that the CM should come to Nellore only after announcing that he will continue AP Genco in the government sector, otherwise the Chief Minister will lose his moral right to visit Nellore. Nellore city, AP Genco, Muthukur and all the towns have been called to hold demonstrations, dharnas and protest programs on 27th at 9 am in the morning in protest against the CM’s visit.


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