The couple donates property worth Rs.200 crores and accepts sannyas

Amaravati: In order to earn money, many people in the society make efforts in various ways. Contrary to this, a Jain couple from Gujarat is taking Sanyas by donating property worth around Rs.200 crores. They took this decision to walk on the path of salvation which is the ultimate goal of life. The Bhandari couple along with 35 other people took out a four kilometer procession. They announced that they are donating all their wealth i.e. fixed and movable assets… including mobile phones and air conditioners. He will officially receive sannyas on April 22. Bhavesh, who lives with his family in Himmatnagar, is excelling in real estate business. In 2022, Bhavesh’s daughter (19) and son (16) also received sannyas. The couple announced that they would also take sannyasya like their children. They take sanyas and then live without even wearing sandals, begging for alms. At that time only white clothes are worn. They have only two pairs of white clothes. The fact that the family, who had earned all the crores of rupees, gave up everything and accepted sanyas has become a topic of discussion in Gujarat.

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