Delhi High Court granted interim bail to Magunta Raghavareddy

Amaravati: Ongolu YCP MP Magunta Srinivasulureddy’s son Magunta Raghavareddy was granted interim bail by the vacation bench Justice Chandradariasingh Delhi High Court on Wednesday. ED arrested Magunta Raghavareddy who is an accused in the liquor case on February 11. He said that his grandmother was ill in the hospital and filed a petition to grant bail for 6 weeks, but the court granted interim bail for two weeks. On the occasion of the investigation, ED heard the arguments against the bail petition of Raghavareddy, 83-year-old Raghavareddy and his grandmother slipped and got injured in the bathroom and are being treated in the hospital. She argued that there are too many people to take care of her, and she cannot see the patient while in the ICU. The court was asked not to grant bail on similar grounds under Section 45 of the Money Laundering Act. It is said that all the accused in the case are applying for bail on the grounds that their relatives fell and got injured in the bathroom. Delhi High Court granted conditional interim bail without considering ED’s arguments.

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