The Election Commission is preparing plans to vote from anywhere in the country

Amaravati: The Election Commission has found that people who have gone to different parts of the country for jobs and livelihood are not participating in voting in their own constituencies. Only 67.4 percent voting was recorded in the 2019 general elections. Around 30 crore voters are known to have abstained from voting at that time. Election Commission has developed a remote voting machine to enable them to participate in voting as they are all settled in outside areas. It is planning to allow those who have migrated to different parts of the country for employment to vote without going to their own constituencies. EC is ready to give a “demo” to political parties on January 16. To this extent all political parties have been invited to attend this remote voting mission demo. The EC intends to proceed with the implementation of this remote voting system after considering the legal, administrative and technical aspects. With this new voting mission, 72 different constituencies are covered from one polling booth. After the acceptance of the political parties, the EC will have a chance to move forward on this issue. Let’s wait and see what kind of opinion the political parties express..


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