TTD electric bus stolen-After charging over…

Tirumala: The driver of Srivari’s free Dharmaratham electric bus in Tirumala, while charging the bus at the charging station on Saturday night, went to the side. When he came back, he did not see the bus which was supposed to be charging, so he informed the authorities. During Salakatla Brahmotsavam, when everyone was busy, the thug drove an electric bus. On the information given by the driver, the police reached the spot and started a search for the bus. Based on the GPS location, the bus was found to be at the Naidupet bypass road. As the bus ran out of charging, the assailant left it on the road at 3.53 am on Sunday morning and escaped.

This is the second time that TTD electrical free bus has been stolen. In the past, the battery vehicle belonging to TTD was stolen by unknown persons. As the battery in the vehicle ran out of charge, they left it at Ontimitta in Kadapa district. Criticisms are pouring in on the manner of surveillance of the authorities after such an incident has taken place. The police registered a case on this incident and intensified the investigation. On the basis of the CCTV cameras, they started to identify the accused.

In the wake of the bus theft incident, the police have become serious about TTD Transport GM Sesha Reddy. It is learned that Transport GM Sesha Reddy did not inform the police even about the car missing incident a week ago. Even in Sunday’s bus missing incident, the police were not informed until the news came in the media. The police have suggested that full security arrangements should be made for the vehicles and transport vehicles related to the devotees and take full responsibility. It is known that the police is planning to include GM Sesha Reddy’s name in the FIR as the vehicles have been stolen but no information has been provided. If GM’s name is included in the FIR, it is reported that TTD officials are planning to suspend him. How could that not happen???

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