We will give Rs.170 instead of “Anna Bhagya” scheme-CM Siddaramaiah

Amaravati: In order to win elections and take power, political parties promise to provide free schemes, after assuming power, they implement various regulations for free guarantee schemes and show stubbornness to the voters… An example of this… Karnataka Congress says it will implement five free promises during elections. The Congress party has promised to give another 5 kg of rice under the “Anna Bhagya” scheme in addition to the 5 kg of rice given by the central government every month. In a meeting held on Wednesday, the Cabinet took a decision to give cash instead of 5 kg of free rice to those who have BPL cards as rice is not available in other states. According to the Cabinet decision, BPL cardholders will be credited with 5 kg of rice as per the market price in their accounts. Due to this, the burden of Rs. 750 crores to 800 crores will fall on the government. BPL cardholder will be given Rs.170 instead of rice every month.

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