We will soon form a committee for the classification of Madigalu – PM Modi

Hyderabad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured that he is committed to the SC classification and will soon form a committee for the Madigala classification. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kishan Reddy, Etala, Bandi Sanjay, Laxman and Mandakrishna Madiga attended the Vishwarupa Mahasabha of SC sub-castes at the Secunderabad Parade Grounds on Saturday. On this occasion, the Prime Minister said that the struggle of SCs will soon be put to an end. Prime Minister criticized that BRS and Congress are Dalit traitor parties, and Congress has been cheating Dalits for 5 decades. He said that he is moving forward with the goal of eradicating poverty among Dalits. Mandakrishna is a true warrior who has been fighting with one goal for 30 years.

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