When BJP is in power in Telangana, BC Vytak is the Chief Minister- amith sha

Hyderabad: Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that KCR’s family will be sent to jail if BJP comes to power in Telangana. He said that KCR has cheated the people twice in the meeting where he participated in the BJP Sakal Janula Vijaya Sankalpa Sabha held in Nalgonda district on Saturday. He is coming to cheat again for the third time, he called to topple the KCR government with valuable votes.
He reminded that Prime Minister Modi announced that if the people of Telangana win the BJP, he will make the BC candidate the Chief Minister. He said that Modi has got the credit of giving constitutional status to the National BC Commission. He said that 25% MBC reservation has been provided for BC children. If the BJP comes to power, the unconstitutional and religious 4 percent Muslim reservation brought by the KCR government will be cancelled.
Congress and BRS parties are family parties. On one side, KCR wanted to make his son KTR the CM, on the other hand, Sonia Gandhi criticized her son Rahul as working for the Prime Minister. If BJP comes to power, there will be politics of family and inheritance.
The Congress party has blocked the construction of Ram Mandir at every step. He said that Prime Minister Modi got the honor of completing Ayodhya Ram Mandir after crossing all the obstacles created by the Congress party. It has been announced that the construction of Ram Mandir will be restarted on January 22 at Ram Janmabhoomi.

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