World Population Reaches 800 Crores-India’s population is currently 141.2 Crores

Amaravati: The United Nations has said that the world’s population has crossed 800 crores on Tuesday, which is a milestone in the history of mankind. Humanity’s progress in many fields including medicine, nutrition, and personal hygiene has revealed that premature deaths have decreased and life expectancy has increased significantly. The report revealed that the world’s population growth is currently slowing due to declining fertility rates. Bloomberg report states that half of this population is in only 7 countries. China, India, America, Pakistan, Nigeria and Brazil are currently registering high population. The United Nations has announced that life expectancy has been increasing since 1990 and the average person’s life expectancy is 72.8 as of 2019 and will reach 77.2 by 2050 due to the increase in modern medical services. At the same time, global population growth has slowed due to declining fertility rates due to several factors. In the coming days, the population growth of 100 crores will be in Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and Tanzania. It is said that China, which is currently the most populous country, will surpass India by next year. Currently there are 141.2 crore people in India, but it is estimated that it will reach around 170 crore by 2050. By 2050, China’s population may reach 130 crores. It expressed the opinion that due to the rapidly increasing population, poverty, hunger crisis, malnutrition, difficult conditions will be faced in education and medicine.


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