Prime Minister Modi took charge of the G20 alliance

Amaravati: From today, India will head the G20 group of countries that play a key role in the global economy. A key event in this regard took place on Wednesday in the city of Bali, Indonesia. Prime Minister Modi congratulated Indonesian President Joko Widodo by handing over a wooden hammer (stick hammer) to mark the transfer of G20 chairmanship. Prime Minister Modi said that India’s assumption of the G20 chairmanship is a matter of pride for every Indian. Earlier in the G20 summit, the main discussion was on the war between Russia and Ukraine. There was also a discussion about the incident in which two people were killed in a missile attack in the European country of Poland. This discussion was centered on the comments made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland that it was Russia that attacked the missile and that the missile was made in Russia. On the other hand, Prime Minister Modi also met the heads of various countries at the G20 platform. Chinese President Xi Jinping is also on the list of heads of state met by Modi. Tensions arose between China and India after the Galwan Valley incident. It is noteworthy that this is the first meeting between the Indian Prime Minister and the Chinese President after that incident. Russian President Putin was absent from the G20 summit.


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