28 crores fraud by pretending to be the top officials of the GST department

HYDERABAD: Balanagar SOT police have arrested two persons who claimed to be top officials of GST department and extorted around Rs.28 crore from various businesses in the city, Balanagar DCP Sandeep said. The details given by the police are as follows… Narayana Goud (57) of Sirisil and Sailaja (37) of Warangal are known. Narayana Goud has a good grip on the transactions in the GST department and is being promoted as a top official. He goes to the traders who deal in steel, cement, gold and liquor in many parts of the city and introduces himself as an Assistant Commissioner in GST. He convinced them that they can buy equipment without GST and save a lot. He introduces her to them that if you are ok then deputy commissioner in GST Shailaja will also help you. About 18 businessmen believed his words and gave them about Rs.28 crores in various forms. Later, when the businessmen tried to contact them about the issues related to GST, the victims complained to the police when the traders did not respond. When the police registered the case and questioned them in the GST department, the matter of fake officials came to light.  Both the accused were arrested and sent to remand. A car, Rs 20 thousand cash and 3 mobile phones were seized from the accused. He said that 13 cases have been registered against them in the entire city.


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