32 employees in civil supplies-Rs.40 crore misappropriation-Joint Collector

Nellore: District Joint Collector Ronanki Kurmanad said that a comprehensive investigation has been done by the investigation agencies on the misappropriation of funds in the office of the District Civil Supplies Corporation. In a special press conference organized at Tikkana premises of the Collectorate on Thursday, he said that in the scam in the office of the District Civil Supplies Corporation, a total of 40 crore rupees was found to be misappropriated and 32 employees were involved. Last September, during the internal inspection of the office, it was found that there was misappropriation of funds through fraudulent payment of income tax and the related records were requested. Due to the delay in handing over the records, at the same time, it was found that large scale funds were misused during the visit of the State Civil Supplies Corporation to the MD district and an inquiry was ordered. He said that the preliminary investigation has been completed and action has already been taken against 11 employees. Since then, the transactions of the last five years have been examined as part of the full investigation. Post-dated checks worth Rs 14.91 crore have been detected against the norms. DMs who have worked since 2016 have been found to be involved. While there are about 30 different types of accounts (Head of Accounts) within the organization, all the payments are found to be made from the same account. Canceled checks are also recognized as drawn. He said that the district registrar has been requested to freeze the assets of the concerned persons. It was reported to the District Collector and the MD of the Civil Supplies Corporation, considering that a thorough investigation can be done only by the investigated agencies. The District Joint Collector said in response to the journalist’s question on this occasion that all precautions will be taken in the grain collection to be held in the coming month of February.


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