A new mobile banking Trojan virus, Sova, is spreading rapidly in the Indian cyber system-CERT

Amaravathi: New Mobile Banking ‘Trojan’ Virus-Sova secretly encrypts Android phone..Once installed it is difficult to uninstall..The Federal Cyber ​​Security Agency (The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team-CERT) has warned in its latest bulletin that this virus is targeting Indian customers.

It is said that the 1st version of this virus, which can steal mobile banking users’ username, password and cookies, was detected in July this year, and now the 5th version is spreading.

CERT revealed that the Sova virus, which was previously active in America, Russia and Spain, entered India in July 2022 and is spreading to more countries. It said that there is a possibility of entering your mobile by hiding in fake Android applications that appear with the logos of popular apps like Chrome and Amazon. If you install such fake apps, the virus will also enter your mobile. In its advisory note, CERT said that Sova virus can target more than 200 mobile apps, including mobile apps of various banks and crypto wallets.


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