Disciplinary action shall be taken in case of negligence-Collector

Nellore: District Collector KVN Chakradhar Babu has warned the revenue officials that disciplinary action will be taken if they neglect to implement the orders of the High Court. On Friday, training classes were conducted for the revenue officers and staff on the resolution of legal cases in the premises of the collectorate in the city under the leadership of the district collector. On this occasion, the District Collector said that regarding the cases of the High Court, he should check the login every day and respond immediately and take appropriate action. Every day legal cases have to be monitored and uploaded online. The chief commissioner of land administration at the state level is reviewing it every week. He said that the old cases which are pending in different stages will also be scanned and they will have to be taken up in the second stage. It is advised not to create a situation where contempt notices are issued to superiors for not giving proper answers regarding court cases. The order of the court should be read and understood thoroughly from the beginning to the end and take a decision. Court orders must be obeyed. He said that under no circumstances should the court’s orders be implemented by observing the actual matters at the field level. He said that if necessary, he would have to go for an appeal stating the facts. It is suggested to improve the performance so that no more mistakes are made. If in doubt, consult a legal advisor and not a government lawyer. The Collector made it clear that misleading the court and providing false information will be a crime. They want to act in such a way that the district gets a good reputation, that there should be a change in the revenue system. He said that if anyone acts negligently, there is a possibility of 6 months imprisonment and loss of jobs.


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