Again 300 kg rotten chicken, liver caught in Nellore

Nellore: 300 kg of rotten chicken and liver coming from Chennai to Nellore was again caught in Nellore. On Saturday, on the basis of credible information received by the Corporation and Health officials, the officials who conducted surveillance on the 6-lane highway seized rotting chicken and chicken liver in an ice cream van at a price of Rs. 40 per kg from a person named Arif of Nellore from Chennai. Rotten chicken, chicken liver will be supplied to restaurants. Many times there have been incidents where authorities have attacked restaurants like this. Some restaurants in the city keep such rotten chicken in the freezer, and when customers order, they serve the rotten chicken and liver hot and charge thousands of rupees. As tomorrow is Sunday, if food lovers are not careful, your health will go down Tasmat beware?

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