Four loan apps administrators arrested- SP Vijaya Rao

Nellore: SP Vijaya Rao said that four persons who worked with loan apps administrators have been arrested and steps have been taken to freeze Rs.1.2 crore belonging to the app administrators in banks. These are the details given by the SP in the media conference held in the city on Saturday. Kondreddy. Vidyasagar Reddy, a young man living in Athityanagar under Balaji Nagar police station in Nellore city, took a loan of Rs. 30 thousand from loan apps. On September 30, he lodged a complaint at the Balaji Nagar police station that the administrators of the loan app had collected about Rs.40 lakh in installments from him. During the police investigation, it was found that this affair was done by Lisa from Hong Kong. Ajay Pawar Kalyan (21) is a 3rd year NIT student, studying in Allahabad University, Uttar Pradesh through her first Instagram. shi brought him down to there.
The SP said that the whole story was run by him and three others along with Kalyan have now been arrested. He said that the youth who are in need of money will be targeted and slowly trapped, and those who agree to their conditions will be installed in the mobile phone of a loan APP called sms Lison. Once this app is installed, all the data related to you will go into the hands of the app administrators. It is said that the app administrators charge higher rates than the amount given from the loan takers and start threatening those who cannot pay. He said that since all the data of the borrower is with the app administrators, they will map and post obscene photos to the contact numbers on their mobiles. It is said that many of the youths have not been able to bear their torture. He said that measures have been started to make the game of the app administrators. Along with Ajay Power Kalyan, Jadav Yuvaraj (21) of Adilabad, Rathod Saikiran (21) of Nirmal, Telangana, and Abdul (25) of Chic Mangalore, Karnataka have been arrested. He said that there is another key person in this case and steps are being taken to arrest him.
Four loan apps administrators arrested- SP Vijaya Rao-nellore news.

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