All employees must register their names in face attendance–Collector

Nellore: District Collector Chakradhar Babu has directed the district officials to give top priority to response applications and resolve them in time. Collector, Joint Collector Ronanaki Kurmanadh and DRO Ms. Venkatanarayanamma organized a response program at Collectorate Tikkana Premises in Nellore City on Monday and received petitions from people of different areas. Earlier, the District Collector held a meeting with the district officials and issued several instructions on the issues of resolution of response applications, face-to-face attendance, resolution of court cases, arrangements for the state chief minister’s visit, etc. Regarding face attendance in the district, many employees of government departments have not registered their names and some are not using them as per the registration. Henceforth, the District Officers of all Government Departments should monitor their employees to ensure that all their employees have 100% face attendance every day, including registration of names in face attendance.

He said that 1644 court writ petitions and 307 contempt of court cases are pending under various government departments in the district. He said that 41 cases out of 186 panchayat raj departments are pending mainly in water resources department. They want to pay special attention to court cases and work hard to solve them. The District Collector has made it clear that counter affidavits should be filed immediately for the court cases and special initiatives should be taken to solve them. The Collector suggested that the Chief Minister of the state would be coming to Kavali on 20th of this month, and on that day, special exhibition halls should be set up regarding dotted lands and re-survey program. Estimates should be prepared and sent to the higher authorities for approval within the scope of Roads, Buildings and Panchayat Raj Departments.  District officials and others participated in this program.


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