Cheap dramas are KCR’s favorite-Where is Rs.400 crores?-Bandi Sanjay

Hyderabad: BJP Telangana president Bandi Sanjay responded in a media conference on the videos that came out that they tried to buy four MLAs from the TRS party. On this occasion, he said that those who came to the farmhouse in Moinabad to buy MLAs were making false allegations that they were BJP leaders. They said that the house there belongs to them and also they are the ones who complained. He said that playing dramas is not new to TRS, in the past there was an assassination attempt on a minister and that too was a drama. Will Swamiji go to buy MLAs? They said that. Telangana CM KCR questioned why Hindu Dharma means anger.

Alleging that KCR is making such efforts to spread mud on them by hatching conspiracies, Sanjay asked how the four TRS MLAs could be brought to Pragathi Bhavan instead of being taken to the police station. They protested that no one would buy such MLAs even for 50 paisa. TRS MLAs said that KCR is playing this drama without changing the party.

Bandi Sanjay Kumar announced that he has approached the court to find out the facts about the drama that happened in the purchase of MLAs. He made it clear that he will also file a complaint with the Central and State Election Commission on this matter which took place in the background of the previous elections. The KCR government demanded a CBI investigation into the matter.

Sanjay made it clear that all this drama took place under the supervision of the Cyberabad Police Commissioner, and there is no intention of leaving the said Police Commissioner who tried to spread mud on the BJP. He commented that people are laughing at such petty dramas made by KCR for fear of drowning in the previous elections.


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