Clashes between IAS and IPS women officers in Karnataka

Amaravati: In Karnataka, competition between IAS and IPS women officers has become open on social media. Both forgot their status and made personal accusations. There was an incident of allegations between IPS officer Roopa Moudgil and IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri.

State Home Minister Araga Gyanendra reacted strongly to the fight between the two women officers and warned the two officers that such personal insults are not good. Expressed great dissatisfaction with their behavior.  He said that both the officials had violated the rules, and the state government could not remain silent while watching such incidents. The two officials said that it is not a good practice for ordinary people to accuse each other on the social media platform. He said that people have a lot of respect for IAS and IPS, but due to the accusation made by both of them against each other; the public will have a bad feeling towards the civil service officers. Many IAS and IPS officers are working hard for the country and the state, and the behavior of these two will bring bad name to all the officers. He said that he has spoken to the State DGP and the Chief Secretary regarding this matter. In the past, when it came to my attention about the differences between the two of them, I told them about it, but they said that they did not stop fighting. We have to wait and see what action will be taken against them…?

Dasari.Rohini Sindhuri, an IAS officer of 2009 batch, have a reputation for being straightforward. currently she is working as Commissioner of Religion and Voluntary Organization in Karnataka.. IPS officer D. Roopa Moudgil, working as the Managing Director of the State Handicrafts Development Corporation. Roopa accused IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri of inappropriate behavior towards her. Commenting on Rohini personally, Roopa Moudgil posted photos with some officers on social media. Responding to this, Rohini Sindhuri said that she will complain to the authorities about this matter, accusing her of making such comments against her out of personal hatred while holding a responsible position. Rupa has lost his mental balance and is behaving like this.

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