Court refused carbon dating of Shivlinga in Gnanavapi Masjid

Amaravati: A district court in Varanasi has dismissed a petition filed by Hindu communities seeking carbon dating of the Shivlinga in the Gnana Vapi Masjid case. It refused to carbon date the Shivalinga. The court, which continued to hear the case on Friday, disagreed with the claims of Hindu communities that the models of Shivalingam were revealed through scientific analysis like carbon dating. Speaking on behalf of the Anjuman Intejamia Committee, which manages the Gnana Vapi Masjid, advocate Mumtaz Ahmed brought to the attention of the court that even if there is any slight physical damage to the Shivlinga during carbon dating, it will come under the Supreme Court’s order. Taking into consideration the objections mentioned by the lawyer, Judge A.K.Viswesha,, rejected the petition of the Hindu communities. How long ago is Shivalingam? What type does it belong to? It would not be reasonable to order the Archaeological Survey of India to identify such items,” the judge commented.


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