PM Modi himself brought Pawan Kalyan to Chiranjeevi..

Amaravati: Nara Chandrababu Naidu took oath as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and later Pawan Kalyan took oath as Minister. When Pawan Kalyan took the oath, the whole hall erupted.

On the invitation of Chandrababu, Chiranjeevi attended the program as a state guest and sat on the stage. After taking oath, Pawan came to Chiranjeevi and bowed to his feet. After this event, Prime Minister Modi himself brought Pawan Kalyan to Chiranjeevi and congratulated both of them. Chiru and Pawan were warmly approached by Modi.. The three together raised their hands and saluted the people..
As Modi himself came and took Chiru and Pawan closer, the joy of mega fans knew no bounds. Pawan Kalyan has sacrifice a lot to form an alliance and win in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan’s name was heard across the country after the victory of the NDA alliance in Andhra Pradesh went viral nationwide. Pawan craze has increased national wide as Pawan Kalyan was praised as a tsunami in front of everyone after the swearing in of Prime Minister Modi’s cabinet in Delhi.

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