Drug raw material worth Rs.500 crore seized from chemical engineer in Gujarat

Amaravati: Drug raw materials worth Rs. 500 crores were seized from a chemical engineer in Gujarat. According to Gujarat Police… Jitesh Hinhoria from Chhatrapati Shambhajinagar, Maharashtra lives in Surat, Gujarat. He is an ex-pharma employee and is currently self-employed as a chemical engineer. The police received definite information that Jitesh was making drugs using ketamine, mephedrone and cocaine. Immediately the police rushed to the scene and raided his residence. In these raids, the police found 23,000 liters of raw materials needed to make drugs. They initially estimated the value of the day to be around Rs.500 crores. The police seized the raw material and arrested the accused. The investigation revealed that he along with two other persons were manufacturing drugs and supplying them to different cities and towns in India. It is known that they are supplying goods from an industry, and the seized raw materials include 14 kg of mephedrone and 4.3 kg of ketamine. He said that a case has been registered against him under various sections. When the residences of two other accused were searched, 23 kg of cocaine, 2.9 kg of mephedrone, Rs. 30 lakh cash has been seized. The investigation revealed that Jitesh used to supply drugs in Mumbai, Indore, Delhi, Chennai and Surat for the last two years.

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