Appointment letters to 3 thousand youth of Jammu and Kashmir-PM Modi

Amaravati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that appointment letters are being given to 3,000 youths to work in various government departments in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that it is commendable that the youth of Kashmir are coming forward for the development of the state, people are always giving priority to transparency and the youth who are joining jobs should also give priority to providing services to the people. Prime Minister Modi organized the Jammu and Kashmir Rose Gar Mela through video conference on Sunday. On this occasion, the Prime Minister said that the Center has taken many steps to promote employment opportunities in the last 8 years and announced that the Central Government will issue more than 10 lakh appointment letters in the next few months. It is stated that since 2019 till now, around 30,000 government posts have been filled in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that around 20,000 jobs have been created for the youth in the last 18 months. He said that the tourism sector is getting stronger with the development of infrastructure and wished to take Jammu and Kashmir to new heights.


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