We will achieve development by carefully protecting both nature and culture-PM Modi

Amaravati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described that during the nine years of his government, the two developments of “national economic growth and political stability” are being taken forward in an equal way. In an interview given to PTI, he said that meetings will be held anywhere in India. He expressed hope that India will become a developed country without corruption, casteism, and religion by 2047.

While the economies of many developed countries in the world are suffering from economic slowdown, severe shortages, high inflation, India is the fastest growing major economy. He said that India is the country with the largest number of young people. Prime Minister Modi reminded the fact that India has been the leader of world economies for a long time in history, but later due to the influence of colonialism, our economic system has slowed down.In less than 10 years, India, which was the 10th economy in the world, suddenly reached the 5th position. He said that the way people of India work hard, they are showing the world how they work.

By the end of the financial year 2021-22, India has achieved the status of the world’s 5th largest economy, pushing back Britain with a gross domestic product (GDP) of USD 3.39 trillion, it has been revealed that only America, China, Japan and Germany are ahead of India.

He said that in the 3 decades before 2014, there were many unstable governments in the country, due to which the respective governments were unable to take major decisions. But the people have given a decisive mandate (to the BJP) in the last 9 years and due to this many reforms could be implemented in the country due to stable government.

Prime Minister Modi said that corruption, casteism and religion have no place in our country. He said that the quality of life of the people of our country is at par with the leading countries of the world. Above all, we will achieve this by carefully preserving both nature and culture. He expressed hope that by 2028, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) will surpass Japan and Germany and reach 5 trillion.

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