I’m not afraid to tell you that I have cancer-Chiranjeevi

Hyderabad: Megastar Chiranjeevi revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer and survived only because of early detection and treatment. Chiranjeevi, who participated in a program organized by Star Hospital on Saturday, made these comments. On this occasion, he said that he had no fear of telling that he had cancer, and he underwent a colonoscopy at AIG and got rid of cancer. He said that he thinks that he will be healthy, he exercises daily, he eats healthy food and fiber food, he thinks that he will not get any disease because he has a nutritionist. Also I don’t have any bad habits… Sometime I will have wine with friends.. No smoking habits… I don’t think that any kind of cancer will come from this. They said that I was treated for cancer in AIG Hospital.. I suffered from colon cancer after 45 years… Only stage-4 is likely to detect this… I went to AIG and met Dr. Nageshwar Rao… Tests revealed polyps… They were immediately treated and removed… even if there is no awareness about cancer, if we believe in ourselves that we will not get it, if we have a careless feeling.. He said, “If I imagine what my situation would be like after one or two years, I get scared. He said that he will spend any number of crores for his fans… He said that cancer screening tests will be done in Hyderabad as well as in the districts. talked to Star Hospital for cancer screening tests… He said that with genomics test, cancer can be detected early, and he will work hard to increase awareness about cancer among people.

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