Two doctors died after blindly following google maps

Amaravati: Two doctors died when their car fell into the Periyar river in Kerala after blindly following the Google map. Advait and Ajmal are working as doctors in a private hospital in Ernakulam district of Kerala. Advait (29) and Ajmal (29) attended a birthday party on Sunday night along with three other friends and were returning to Kodangallur by car around 12.30 midnight. As the road was not clearly visible due to heavy rain, they followed google maps for directions.. Google Maps,,,,showed the said road directly into the river at Gothuruth.. They didn’t notice it, thought it was water flowing on the road and tried to cross, the car fell into the Periyar river. Seeing this, the locals immediately reached the spot and tried to save them, but already two young doctors died. The police and fire brigade were immediately informed. As three other people traveling in the car were injured, they were taken to the nearest hospital for treatment, and a scuba diving team was deployed to retrieve the bodies of the two dead doctors, said an official of the Vadackekara police station.

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