Volunteers, secretariat staff should be kept away from election duties: TDP,Jana Sena

Bindover cases are being filed…
Amaravati: TDP and Janasena leaders Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan said that they have complained to the Central Election Commission about the way the YCP government is acting in the state and the irregularities in the voter list. The Central Election Commission held a meeting at the Novatel Hotel in Vijayawada on the preparations for the general elections to be held later on Tuesday. TDP chief Chandrababu and Janasena President Pawan Kalyan participated in this meeting and complained to the CEC about irregularities in the voter list in the state. While the CEC allotted 15 minutes to TDP and Janasena, Chandrababu and Pawan elaborately explained their grievances to the CEC for 30 minutes… Later, Chandrababu and Pawan spoke to the media.
Chandrababu said that the YCP government is making a mockery of democracy in the state like never before. He said that about 7 thousand cases have been registered against the opposition parties and leaders and they are trying to conduct elections with volunteers. Chandrababu said that he asked the commission to keep the volunteers and secretariat staff away from election duties and conduct elections with teachers and government employees. How can the elections be conducted smoothly if the chief secretary and election commissioner are in favor of the state government? He said that the matter has been brought to the attention of the Central Election Commission.
Chandrababu said that we explained to the CEC with evidence about the stolen votes, and the EC responded positively to our complaints.

Election Commission responded positively-Pawan Kalyan…
Pawan Kalyan said that he came to Vijayawada because of the Central Election Commission’s decision to conduct the elections in the state democratically. Pawan said that the CEC has been informed that law and order has completely deteriorated since the YCP government came. The illegal filing of cases against Janasena and TDP workers and registration of bindover cases have been brought to the notice of the CEC. He said that it has been made clear to the CEC that police officers who are in favor of YCP are currently being transferred and are being included in key duties by the time of election notification. It has been requested that volunteers and secretariat staff should be kept away from election duties.

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