Mukesh Dalal won as MP without spending five paise

Amaravati: We all used to hear the saying that if an uncle falls into the basket of fools, that is his luck. But a candidate won as MP in the Lok Sabha election without spending five paise. BJP candidate Mukesh Dalal is contesting from Surat seat. Nilesh Kumbhani has recently filed his nomination on behalf of the Congress party as his opponent. So far so good.. However, the three proponents stated in an affidavit to the Election Officer that they did not sign his nomination papers. The election officer also video-recorded the request of Congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani’s brother-in-law Jagdish Savalia, his nephew Dhrvin Dhamelia and partner Ramesh Pollara as proponents. Following the arguments of the proponents, the election officer gave Congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani a day’s time to reply. Congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani came with his lawyer to answer the election officer. But none of the three proponents were present. The Returning Officer announced that his nomination papers are being rejected. As Nilesh’s nomination was rejected and other party candidates withdrew their nominations, the BJP candidate won from Surat.

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