NIA arrested another terrorist in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The arrest of another terrorist in Hyderabad creates a commotion. Earlier, six people were arrested in Hyderabad during the searches conducted by the Madhya Pradesh Telangana Police, while another person related to them was arrested by the NIA (National Investigation Agency) officials on Tuesday. Madhya Pradesh ATS arrested 6 persons belonging to the terrorist organization HUT earlier in Hyderabad. Later that case was transferred to NIA..National Investigation Agency started investigating this case fast.. Many people associated with Hutt have been arrested in this case. Salman, who was arrested in Hyderabad today, was hiding in Rajendranagar when the NIA officials caught him in a trap. Later, officials are conducting inspections in two houses belonging to Salman. Officials claim that Salman is recruiting youth for terrorist activities through Hutt. It is reported that important documents and many electronic devices have been seized from Salman’s house.

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