Vikram Lander, which is once again soft landing on moon-ISRO

Amaravati: ISRO scientists recently successfully completed a small experiment on Vikram Lander. As part of the Hop launch, the Vikram lander ignited its engines, rose up to about 40 centimeters and landed safely a short distance away, ISRO sources said. With the success of this launch, ISRO said on social media platform that once again soft landing was done on Vikram Lander and MOON. After this experiment it was revealed that all the systems are working properly. It has been informed that this experiment will be very useful for human experiments in the future. The Vikram lander will go into sleep mode at 08:00 today, but before going into sleep mode, in-situ experiments by ChaSTE, RAMBHA-LP, ILSA payloads will be conducted at the new location and the data collected will be sent to Earth. ISRO said that the payloads have been switched off and the lander receivers have been kept on. The lander will go into sleep mode next to the Pragyan rover after the solar power is reduced and the battery is discharged. ISRO expressed hope that Vikram lander, Pragyan rovers will wake up on September 22.

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