Prime Minister Modi flew in the Tejas fighter jet

Amaravati: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi flew in a Tejas fighter jet during his visit to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited on Saturday. A review was conducted on various projects going on at the HAL Centre. He posted pictures of himself in a pilot’s dress and flying in a Tejas fighter jet with a helmet on his head. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the manufacture of Tejas fighter jets is a great success for India. An experiment on Tejas was successfully completed. “The experience of traveling in Tejas fighter jet was amazing”.. Tejas has increased my faith in our indigenous capabilities,” Narendra Modi posted on Twitter.
Home Defense Products:- Prime Minister Modi’s move to indigenize defense products led USA defense giant GE Aerospace to jointly produce engines for the MK-Tejas fighter jet with HAL. India’s defense exports to reach Rs 15,920 crore in FY 2022-2023.

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