Prime Minister Modi visited Bandipur Tiger Reserve Forest

Amaravati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy with his visits to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. On Sunday, they traveled about 20 kilometers in Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka and enjoyed the beauty of the forest. He shared the related photos on his Twitter account. On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi participated enthusiastically wearing khaki pants, camouflage T-shirt and sleeveless jacket. Modi became the first Prime Minister to visit this Tiger Reserve. The Tiger Reserve which Prime Minister Modi is visiting is a part of Gundlupet taluka of Chamarajanagar district.. Along with this the Prime Minister went to Madulai Forest in Tamil Nadu region.. Visited Tepakadu Elephant Camp here.. On this occasion, the Prime Minister affectionately touched Bomman and Valli, the elephants who appeared in the Oscar-winning documentary Elephant Whisperers. Also, in the documentary, Raghu went near the elephant, kissed it and fed it sugarcane.
The number of tigers has increased – PM Modi:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the number of tigers in our country has increased. In 2018, there were 2,967 tigers, this number has increased by 6.74 percent and today there are 3,167 tigers. He released the statistics in Mysore, Karnataka on Sunday on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Project Tiger. Modi released a vision document on the growth of tiger population during the Amrita era after independence. A commemorative coin of Rs.50 and a report on the assessment of tiger sanctuaries in India were also released. Modi launched the International Big Cat Alliance for the conservation of seven types of big cats like tigers, leopards, lions, snow leopards, pumas and jaguars. There are about 97 countries in this alliance. The coalition focuses on preventing these animals from becoming extinct due to a variety of threats, including climate change. Determines practicable measures for the conservation of these animals..also provides funds.
Prime Minister Modi visited Bandipur Tiger Reserve Forest-amaravathi news.

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