Smuggling of ganja to Hyderabad inspired by the movie Pushpa

All this same to same…

Hyderabad: Each gang finds a different method to smuggle ganja. As long as the smugglers don’t get caught, the smuggling goes on happily, and lacks of money left behind. All the problems arise, when the smugglers buy the goods and prepare to move, the informer who is in the area gives the information to the police… Smugglers are caught by the police and drummed in front of the media as if the smugglers were tied up. At the same time, another batch of smugglers supply ganja or drugs as usual in another method. Coming to point…Chautuppal Police under Hyderabad and Rachakonda Commissionerate have arrested a gang of illegal ganja transporters.. Police Commissioner DS Chauhan, who held the media conference, said the following details.

Srisailam, Shankar Naik from Hyderabad and Suriyas from Warangal have formed a gang and have been transporting ganja to different parts of Maharashtra and Telangana for some time now. Ganja is being transported from Annavaram in Andhra Pradesh through Rajahmundry, Khammam, Thorruru, Tirumalgiri, Addagudur, Mothkur, Valigonda, and Chautuppal. Some empty sixes were arranged under the DCM vehicle so that the police did not get suspicious.. The space was filled with marijuana packets; iron sheets were placed on top and fastened with bolts. They come to the city with a load of bricks and sticks in that vehicle. This danda has been going on smoothly for a long time. If there is any problem in the middle of the way, they stop the load somewhere. After that, they would slowly reach the desired area and deliver the cannabis. Arrangements were made to send a car as a pilot for this. As we said above,,,,, On receiving information that DCM was carrying ganja in his vehicle, the Chautuppal police stopped the pilot car along with the DCM at Valigonda Square in Chautuppal around 4 am on Saturday. After inspecting the vehicle and removing the iron sheets in the garden below, 400 kg packets of ganja were found in it. Immediately the car and van were seized. It has been revealed that all four people who were going in the car, DCM have been arrested.


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