Police registered cases against Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai

Amaravathi: The dispute over the attack on Bihar migrant workers is heating up in Tamil Nadu politics. Tamil Nadu Police in a statement said that some people have deliberately spread false propaganda and posted fake videos. On Sunday, a case was registered against Tamil Nadu BJP president K. Annamalai for spreading hatred. Chennai Police said CCB Cyber ​​Crime Division has registered a case against Annamalai. He said that the case has been registered under IPC Sec 153, 153A(1), 505(1)(b), 505(1)(c). Also, a case has been registered against the Twitter account holder of ‘BJP Bihar’ under the same sections.

I’m ready to arrest…Annamalai is furious about registering an FIR against him. He said that he is giving 24 hours time to Stalin’s government, he can be arrested. “I can understand that the DMK government has filed a case against me for exposing the 7 decades of propaganda against the northern brothers. I am putting before you the video of what they said. DMK leaders want to strangle democracy by filing false cases. That’s what I said in my press meet.. As a common man I give you 24 hours… Handcuff me if you can.. I am challenging the fascist DMK to arrest me,” Annamalai posted on his Twitter. A video was also attached to the tweet.


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