Successful Naval Satellite Launch-ISRO Chairman

Amaravati: The GSLV-F12 launch vehicle launched the NVS-01 satellite into the specified orbit at 10:42 am on Monday from Satish Dhawan Space Center Shaar in Tirupati district. Somnath announced that the experiment was successful ISRO chairman. The pre-launch countdown process started at 7.12 am on Sunday morning and continued for 27.30 hours continuously, the rocket blasted off from the second launch pad at Shar. GSLV-F12 is 51.7 meters long and weighs 420 tones.. NVS-01 is the first of India’s second generation navigation satellites. It weighs 2,232 kg and has a lifespan of 12 years. This satellite provides real time positioning services within a range of about 1500 km around mainland India.

India’s own developed rubidium atomic clock installed in Navik satellite.. An atomic clock was built at the Space Application Center in Ahmedabad. Many satellites currently in use stop sending data when the atomic clock stops working. Can’t even provide accurate tracking.. Second generation NAVIK satellites can transmit L1 signals. This will help satellite based navigation systems to work better.. Indigenously developed regional navigation systems will be better utilized in low power, signal frequency chip implanted devices, personal trackers.

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