The chicken knife incident comes to mind-pawan

Amaravati: Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan said that the Janavani program was finalized in Uttarandhra less than three months ago and they have no information about the yatra going on in the capital. In a media conference held in Visakhapatnam last week, he said that when he arrived at the airport to participate in the Janavani program on Saturday, there was a tense situation and he blamed the government for the reason. He said that it is not good for democracy for the police to register cases of attempted murder and make arrests as Janasena activists attacked ministers and YCP leaders at the airport. He said that the Janasena leaders who were staying with him were detained at the hotel around 3.30 am. Dadane revealed that 500 hundred policemen came and arrested tens of their party leaders. Pawan said that yesterday’s incident at the airport is reminiscent of the earlier chicken knife incident at the same airport. Did they do the same thing yesterday? Pawan commented. He said that his Janavani program was finalized before the three capitals program of YCP.  Does YCP even tell us where to go? Should we tell the YCP leaders where we are going? He asked. He questioned why people would come to them if the government solves the problems. Will YCP tell us how to organize their party programs and where we should go? Should we tell the YCP leaders where we are going? He asked.

Notices to leave Visakhapatnam: ACP Harshita gave notices to Pawan saying that when Pawan Kalyan came to Visakhapatnam to participate in the Janawani program, there was a tense situation at the airport, if Jana Sena comes again, there is a possibility of creating tense situations, and all kinds of demonstrations have been stopped in Visakhapatnam till the 30th of this month. Information that Kalyan was asked to leave Visakha in the notice?


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