The EC given by Adesa is a key factor in the appointment of polling agents

Amaravati: The EC has taken a crucial decision regarding the appointment of polling agents in the context of elections to be held in the next three days. Naturally, polling agents play a vital role in polling booths. Only after the agents identify the voters coming to vote, the polling staff gives them the right to vote. Every polling station has the option of appointing agents on behalf of the candidates. In this order, the Election Commission has issued important instructions on the process of appointment of polling agents.
The Election Commission said that it is not necessary to give the list of appointment of polling agents to the Returning Officer. The EC said that it is sufficient for the polling agent to submit their details to the presiding officer on the day of polling. However, the EC clarified that the polling agents have to be certified by the candidates of the respective parties and declarations should be taken from the polling agents in the presence of the proceeding officer. It has been stated in the order that verification and approval of the police and returning officer is not required for the agents as was done in the past.
The Election Commission has given instructions to prevent abuse of power in the case of polling agents. The Election Commission has issued clear instructions that the police can work as agents even if there are police cases, and that the police have no authority to object to the appointment of agents.

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