The price per acre in Kokapet, Hyderabad is Rs.100.75

Hyderabad: In the history of Hyderabad, the price of an acre in Kokapet was Rs.100 crores. Record land prices have become a topic of discussion in the market. The auction for Kokapet Neo Police lands started on Thursday morning and continued till 8 pm. The government has collected Rs.3,319.60 crores through the Kokapet land auction. The highest price per acre of land in the auction was Rs.100.75 crores and the lowest price was Rs. 67.25 crores. An acre of land averages Rs. 73.23 crores. Plot number 10, which is spread over 3.6 acres, was sold by the leading real estate company Rajapushpa, Happy Heights for Rs. 362.70 crores.

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