Traffic to resume at Mutukuru Gate from 12th-DSP Subhan

Nellore: Traffic DSP.MD.Abdul Subhan Sunday said that the Muthukuru Gate Junction will be closed from September 12th to the 26th in view of the fact that the construction of the 4-lane flyover being constructed at Muthukur junction at Haranathapuram has reached a critical stage. As part of this, heavy concrete girders 150 feet long, 8 feet high and weighing 140 tons have to be lifted up with the help of heavy cranes and fixed on the pillar in the middle of that junction.. For this purpose, four heavy cranes are being used. Officials have made a plan to fasten 20 girders on top of the pillar, due to which plans have been prepared to complete the work that was supposed to take 45 days in just 15 days.

Traffic Diversion as follows:-

1) Buses coming from V.R.C to Muthukur Junction were diverted through trunk road through P.S.R bus stand under bridge.

2) Buses coming from Muthukur Road to Muthukur Junction should take a U-turn at Muthukur Bus Stand in front of Sarvepalli Canal Bridge.

Light Vehicles (Cars, Autos, Small School Vans, and Two Wheelers):-

1) Light vehicles coming from V.R.C to Muthukuru Junction will be diverted through Ramalinga Puram and Mutyala Palem railway under bridges from Srihari Nagar and Narayana School road to Mini Bypass.

2) Light vehicles coming from Muthukuru Road and Children’s Park to Muthukuru Junction will be diverted through Aditya Nagar and Balaji Nagar over Balaji Nagar Bridge on Sarvepalli Canal and Phule Vigraham Bridge.

3) The vehicles going towards B.V Nagar from Muthukur Junction were diverted through NH-16, Golagamudi Junction, Vanam Topu and Annamayya Circle and asked the people of the city to cooperate in regulating the traffic.


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