A single lamb is priced at Rs.1 crore

Amaravati: Raju Singh, a resident of Taranagar, Rajasthan, is rearing a lamb at a price of Rs.1 crore. As Raju Singh refused to sell the lamb, this incident became a topic of discussion in the surrounding villages. If it comes to… The number 786, which is considered sacred in Islam, is visible on the stomach of the sheep. Some Muslims met him and told him that 786 numbers were written on the sheep. He said that this is very important for them on the occasion of Eid. But Raju Singh made it clear to the Muslims that as important as his lamb was to them, his association with it was too valuable and he was not willing to sell it. Singh said that a lamb was born last year and the locals auctioned it and some offered to pay Rs 70 lakh but he was not ready to sell it. He feeds the lamb with pomegranate, papaya, millets and vegetables. He is careful not to let the lamb out of his house before paying a huge price for the lamb.

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