Murder of Hemant, director general of prisons from Jammu and Kashmir?

Amaravati: Director General of Prisons of Jammu and Kashmir Hemant Kumar Lohia (57) was brutally murdered on Monday night at his friend’s house where he was staying temporarily. Forensic experts examined the scene. Police believe that Yasser Ahmed, who works at the DGP’s house, may have committed the murder. He is temporarily staying at a friend’s house in Udaywala, a suburb of Jammu, amid minor changes in his own residence. A man named Yasser Ahmed joined Hemant’s house six months ago, said Mukesh Singh, a senior police officer in Jammu. Yasser Ahmed, who worked in his house, has been missing since the incident. However, as soon as the police arrived, Yasser Ahmed, who was on the run, was arrested by the police. They are investigating whether he has anything to do with this murder. It is learned that several key evidences have been found at the crime scene. Evidence has been found that before the murder, DG Hemant’s foot was swollen and to kill Lohia, the accused suffocated him and then strangled him with a broken bottle. When the accused tried to burn Lohia’s dead body, due to the smoke and flames coming from the house, the security guards outside were alerted, went into the house, broke the door of his room and entered. Police have registered a case and are investigating.

Lohia is a 1992 batch IPS officer. He was promoted to the post of DGP from central deputation in February this year and was appointed as DGP of Jammu and Kashmir Prisons in August.


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